Palestra Ospek 2018 ho Titulu "Dezemvolvimeito hanesan Maneira Edukativu ne'ebe bele lori sidadaun ba moris diak iha futura Timor Leste"

Publika Husi : Reitorado | Kuarta, 19 Dezembru 2018 | Le'e dala 16645 ona
| Kuarta, 14 Marsu 2018
We are agent of change. Change for the better. Change when we know how to change. Change does not necessarily mean overthrowing anything we already have by nature just for the sake of change. By change we mean changing anything that is considered destructive, devastating and implicated into everyone’s practical life. For instances; illiterates, backwardness, weaknesses, poor, inferiorities, unskillful, unemployment, baggers, gangsters, drugs, or in short, any social, economical and political illnesses in our current societies that rooted deeply from their uneducated opportunities. These are social, political and economical diseases that must be changed with all their consequences. Change also means reconstruction, reformation, recondition and reparadigmatization of physical, mental and intellectual enterprises after war and conflict in such countries and in Timor-Leste in particular.

Komisaun OSPEK 2018 | Kuarta, 14 Marsu 2018
Komisaun OSPEK 2018 ho SEKERTARIU ESTADO JUVENTUDE | Kuarta, 14 Marsu 2018


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