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We are agent of change. Change for the better. Change when we know how to change. Change does not necessarily mean overthrowing anything we already have by nature just for the sake of change. By change we mean changing anything that is considered destructive, devastating and implicated into everyone’s practical life. For instances; illiterates, backwardness, weaknesses, poor, inferiorities, unskillful, unemployment, baggers, gangsters, drugs, or in short, any social, economical and political illnesses in our current societies that rooted deeply from their uneducated opportunities. These are social, political and economical diseases that must be changed with all their consequences. Change also means reconstruction, reformation, recondition and reparadigmatization of physical, mental and intellectual enterprises after war and conflict in such countries and in Timor-Leste in particular.

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The establishment of East Timor Institute of Business (IOB) on 20th August 2002 was such a vivid vision to meet the dream of changing from devastating destruction of vast colonial horizon of Portuguese, Japan, Indonesia and their militants as well as our own local heavy cultural baggage that deter our dream to develop our surplus economic development and global standard competition of quality education system and quality human resources as pre-requisite of expected development. We know for sure that competition is indispensible. We realize that we are still infant country. We aware that we are still running after and lagging behind of some countries in ASEAN and Pacific. We are fully alert of our scarce human index, unwell trained labor forces, unemployed graduates and abandoned youngsters, conflicted with large varieties of deficient physical infrastructures and jeopardized by our own stagnant way of thinking and acting that “old tradition die hard” must be considered and defended as our identity for the sake of self-identity without critical assessment.

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Whatever arguments are, from within or without, they must not be the right reasons to stop us from changing for the better. As Rector of such higher learning institute in Timor-Leste, IOB believes that CHANGING and DEVELOPMENT must come from quality education infrastructures, friendly environment, competitive and standardized education system, global and market oriented of study programs, scholarly educators, professional administrators, skillful managing director/s and visionary leadership. Thus, that is true as reflected in our motto: “EXCELLENCE and PREFERENCES” to be practically implemented into our students’ and alumnae’s real life as we committed to our achievable goal oriented of “WE GIVE THE BEST TO THE LEARNERS”.

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Since we come into our existence in 2002 to respond one of the biggest national issues of preparing competitive human resources for Timor-Leste, IOB has produced market absorbable graduates of 1,771 alumnae whereby 95% of them have been employed in various respected institutions and companies in nationwide Timor-Leste and abroad. Currently we have 3,476 students undergoing their studies, ranging from Diplomas and Undergraduates Degrees (D1, D2, D3 and S1).

As I lead this institute for 14 years, quality control and quality assurance for our students and graduates are our soul and thus our fundamental spirit. Institutionally we are open for any constructive assessments and feedbacks from all parties and entities. Thanks to all contributors, we have been accredited twice by National Agency for Academic Assessment and Accreditation (ANAAA) which consists various scholarly experts from New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines, endorsed by the Ministry of Education. We were firstly accredited by ANAAA in 2008 with 79.94%. While we are growing and flourishing, second accreditation came to us in 2015 and thus we are honored with category “A” or 100% accredited. We are proud, yet we also feel the burden of the responsibility for both the nation and our institution to sustain, improve and enhance the competitive quality of our students and graduates for the real EXCELLENCE and PREFERENCES not only for Timor-Leste but may hopefully for the whole humanity as well.

That is the main reason why Quality Control was established in IOB and today we are even stronger to honor it INTERNAL QUALITY ASSURANCE of IOB / IQA-IOB. As agent of change I must dear to say: “If not by now, then when? If not we, then who else?

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