Program Centru Linguistika, the institution was running with very limited teaching staffs. It was only the rector of the institute, Mr. Agusto da Conceição Soares with 10 teaching staffs. On 20th August 2002, the institution was declared as one of the higher education institution to offer Diploma I (D1) and III Programs (D3) and has offered specialization in Finance Management, General Management, Accounting and IT Management. The total students during that time were only 98 students. Today, IOB has been widely accepted as one of the best higher education institutions in Timor-Leste which has been institutionally accredited by International Accreditation Team (NAAAA) in 2008 with a grade point of 79.49% and was officially recognized by the Ministry of Education through “Diploma Ministerial do Ministério da Educação No. 3/2009”.


Initially IOB offers two faculties (ICT and Business) and four departments. The four departments are Finance Management, General Management, Accounting and Informatics Management. Today, IOB maintains its two faculties, but enlarges its departments to seven programs of studies with the addition departments of Technical Informatics, Computer Accounting, Development Studies beside Masters of Management Studies for the postgraduate programs. Details are as follow.




Undergraduate Programs in Economics and Business

Bachelor of Finance Management (regular/extension)

Bachelor of Accounting (regular/extension)

Bachelor of General Management (regular/extension)

Bachelor of Development Studies (regular/extension)


Diploma III / (D3) in Economics and Business

Diploma-3 of Accounting (regular/extension)

Diploma-3 of General Management (regular/extension)

Diploma-3 of Finance Management (regular/extension)

Diploma-3 of Development Studies (regular/extension)


Post-Graduate Programs

Master of Management Studies


Campus A Akadiruhun

Akadiruhun Bidaun Dili

+670 7833 0608

Campus B Avenida Luromata

Avenida Luromada Komoro DILI

+670 7833 0608

Campus C Fomentu II

Rua Fomentu II Komoro DILI

+670 7833 0608

Campus D Fomentu II

Rua Fomentu II Komoro DILI

+670 7833 0608